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Welcome to Sara & Alisa's Summer Project





Unit Contents:

  • Essay (Argumentative, Option of any 3 modes)
  • Rhetorical Analysis assignment
  • Self Assessment writing (reflective writing)
  • Journals (Optional)
  • Handbook Activity


Possible Unit Themes




  • Essays 40% (400pts) (4 essays: 75, 100, 100, 125)
  • Assignments 20% (200pts) (4 assignments: 50pts each)
  • Discussion Journals 10% (100pts) (5 units: 20 pts each- 6pts per post for total of 15)
  • Quizzes 10% (100pts) (4 quizzes: 25pts each)
  • Handbook Activities 10% (100pts) (4 HA: 25pts each)
  • Final Exam 10% (100pts)(1 test: 100pts.)


Sample Assessments from Alisa's ENG101 course


About Us

  • South Mountain Community College (SMCC) is a two year community college located in Phoenix, Az.
  • We are the smallest of 10 colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD).
  • ENG101: Freshman Composition is a first year composition course.
  • Sara & Alisa are full-time faculty teaching freshman composition and literature at SMCC.


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