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Feed Readers

When you find interesting blogs or podcasts that you would like to read or listen to on a regular basis, you should subscribe to it. Most of us understand the concept of RSS and how it allows for us to subscribe to content on the web and have delivered to us on a regular basis. It's just like subscribing to the daily newspaper that shows up on your front doorstep each morning. But when you subscribe to a blog or a podcast, where does it show up? And how do you exactly subscribe to the blog or podcast? Well, read on. I'm going to tell you how.


List of Feed Readers

Click the link above for more on Feed Readers.

Start Pages (All Free)

Web Based Feed Readers (All Free)


Desktop Feed Readers

Email Feed Readers

New Yahoo! Mail I love Yahoo! Mail. Check out their new integrated RSS reader.

MS Outlook

Outlook does not directly access or display RSS or Atom content. However, there are add-ons by third-party companies that incorporate RSS and Atom viewing in Outlook. Rumor is that the new version of Outlook in Vista will have this built in.



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