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For Residential Faculty planning to apply for FPG credit:


  • This event has been pre-approved for 1.5 clock hours towards non-academic advancement.


  • Make sure you sign the attendance sheet.


  • You will need to complete the assessment activity, which is provided online below. This must be completed today.


  • You will also need to fill out an event evaluation form online: FPG Evaluation Survey. This must be done today.


  • The event sponsor, Christy Alarcon, will send a Verification of Attendance to FPG following the event.


  • You will be responsible for submitting a completed Faculty Professional Growth application to FPG support staff within 30 days of the event.


Application Process: Salary Advancement for Non-Academic Work


Process for Residential Faculty to Apply for Non-Academic Advancement for MCCCD-Sponsored Events


A.  To receive non-academic advancement credit for participation, please follow these directions:  


      1.   At the beginning of the event, sign in.


      2.   At the conclusion of the event, prior to leaving, fully complete both the assessment and event evaluation.  Please make sure your feedback is explicit and relevant to the event attended.  Submit these forms to the sponsor of the event or designated drop box.   Please print your name legibly on both sheets.  


      3.   After the event,


            a.   Go to the FPG web site to find the Non-Academic Advancements FPG Application (Word file):  




            b.   Save the file on your computer, open it, and complete the application.  (Please note that applications must be typed)


            c.   Print the completed application, sign it, and have your Faculty Professional Growth representative sign it, then send it to Sylvia Enriquez, Faculty Professional Growth secretary, at the MCLI, within 90 days of the event.  You may want to keep a copy of the application for your records.


B.  The event sponsor will produce a verification of attendance based on your signing in at the beginning of the event and completing the assessment and evaluation at the end of the event.  The verification form will be given directly to Sylvia Enriquez, Faculty Professional Growth secretary,by the event sponsor.  You will not receive a copy of the verification form.


C.  Sylvia Enriquez will attach the verification of attendance to your completed application once she receives it.  Sylvia will notify you by mail when your application has been processed.  


You can reach Sylvia at   (480) 731-8163  or via email at: sylvia.enriquez at domail. maricopa. edu
























































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