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Podcasting Series III: Creating a Podcast


If you missed the 2nd presentation, you can view part of it here:  Creating Audio for Podcasts (Workshop 2)



  • Overview of RSS and what podcasting is
  • Discussion of podcasting options: Blogging or Podcasting Site (SoundCloud, Podbean, PodOmatic, LibSyn, iTunes)
  • Review of creating the audio using Audacity
  • Create a Blog to host podcast using either Blogger or Wordpress
  • Post show notes and mp3 file/embed code to your blog
  • Burn the blog feed with Feedburner
  • Create RSS feed link on the blog
  • Subscribe to own feed in iTunes
  • Survey & Assessment for FPG at bottom of the page


Five Steps to Free Podcasting

From Digital Podcast: http://www.digitalpodcast.com/


How to Podcast from Start to Finish


Step 1: Upload Files to Server


Step 2: Get File URL

What is the location of your mp3 file. This is what you will need to create the podcast on your blog.

Example: http://web.gccaz.edu/~ldcoope2/essaypodcast.mp3 (GCC)

Example: http://eng102online.com/podcasts/eng102m1w1f11.mp3 (HostGator) <--Use this one if you don't have you're own file - Right click to download. 

Example:  (Internet Archive)


Step 3: Create a Blog 


Step 4: Create a Post on Blog

Post your show notes about the podcast on your blog. Be sure to add a link to your mp3 file by adding the file URL in the body of your post.


Step 5: Find Your Feed

  • Tumblr RSS Feed - Add "/rss" to the end of the blog's URL
  • Blogger RSS Feed 
  • Wordpress RSS Feed - Just need to add /feed/ to the end of your url as in 


Step 6: Burn Your Feed & Promote (Optional)


Survey & Assessment

  • Evaluation link:  
  • Assessment link:  


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