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Maricopa has signed on for iTunesU. So What is it?



How to Upload podcasts to iTunes U


From the Apple Website:

Education evolves.

iTunes U has arrived, giving higher education institutions an ingenious way to get audio and video content out to their students. Presentations, performances, lectures, demonstrations, debates, tours, archival footage — school is about to become even more inspiring.


Designed to be completely intuitive, iTunes U is based on the iTunes Store, where millions of people already get their music, movies, and TV shows. Now there’s an area of the iTunes Store devoted entirely to education, where it’s easy to search thousands of audio and video files from schools across the country.


Colleges and universities build their own iTunes U sites. Faculty post content they create for their classes. Students download what they need, and go. Learning isn’t just for the classroom anymore. It’s for anytime and anyplace you’ve got a Mac, a PC, or an iPod (or any mp3 player). 




How We Can Use iTunes U

  • Audio Guides for students: campus tour, handbook, registration guidelines, financial aide, scholarship applications
  • Supplemental classroom or textbook materials: library materials, lectures, etc.
  • Event Capture in classrooms and/or on campus: presentations, performances, sports, guest lecturers/speakers 
  • Student created multimedia for class projects: 
  • Campus Communications: Press releases, promotional opportunities,
  • For Students: advising overview, campus tour, student orientation, promote programs, promote career tracks, FAQs, How do I...? 




iTunes Sites Around the Country  





Links about iTunes U:


SMCC iTunes U Organization

About SMCC

  • Administration (Have a welcome message from Dr. A)
  • Campus Overview---Dr. A wants one produced this year
  • News & Events
    • Commencement (Rob & Particia)
    • SMCC News (Rob & Patricia)
    • Student Orientation (Ruben Saenz) 
    • Cougar Day --High school students visit SMCC---MCTV to film Feb.
    • Guadalupe Expansion---MCTV to film feature on this later this spring
  • Programs (Advertising)/Oral Histories - Storytelling (LynAnn), Trio (Sylvia)


  • Performing Arts---music, dance, storytelling, etc: Theater (Julie), Storytelling (LynAnn)


Academic Courses (http://www.flickr.com/photos/39391835@N00/2268524835/)



SMCC Community

  • Our Faculty
    • Faculty interviews/intros (like we did for Day of Learning)---this could go under Community, too
    • NISOD award winners---we will be getting video snippets of each (3)
  • Technology Support
    • Technology Services (Delbert)
    • Computer Commons (Robert)
    • TLC (Amy)
  • President’s Community Advisory Council


Student Services & Activities


  • Recruitment & Advisement (Christopher & Christine)


  • Financial Aide


  • Counseling (Thomas)


  • Career Services (Suzanne)


  • Library (Jill/Lora)
  • Student Life

    • Student Leadership (Buddy)
    • Clubs (Buddy)
    • Athletics (Jake) 



iTunes U

iTunes U Accounts


About SMCC:

Rob Price: Multiple Areas

Patricia Thornham: Multiple Areas

Julie Holston: Theater

LynnAnn Woj: Storytelling


SMCC Community:

Buddy Cheeks: Student Leadership & Clubs

Jake Harrington: Athletics

Amy MacPherson: Teaching & Learning Center

Karen Gurney: Teaching & Learning Center

Jennifer Mansfield: Teaching & Learning Center

Christopher Erran: Recruitment & Advisement

Christine Neill: Recruitment & Advisement

Ruben Saenz: TRIO Programs & Orientation (2 areas)

Sylvia Symonds: TRIO Programs

Jill Seymour: Library

Lora Largo: Library

Debra Leibold:Technology Services

Suzzanne Hipps: Career Services

Thomas Kirsch: Counseling


Faculty Classes:

LynAnn Woj: STO292

Liz Warren: STO294

Sian Proctor: GLG110

Britney Lieze: ENH235

Jean Revie: BIO205

Matt Cooper: PHI103

Alisa Cooper: ENG101, ENG102, ENH113

Jennifer Townsley: ENG250


Faculty Interested but No Class Yet:

Asha Dey

Helen Smith

Lara Collins

Ricardo Provencio

Meekness Lecato

Bill Zepeda

Terry Leyba



Latest News:

Feb. 11. 2008: We have started training. f you missed yesterday's training, you missed a good one. Thanks Jennifer and Sian for coming. The rest of you still have a chance to learn about podcasting too, and you don't have to drive out to EMCC unless you want to.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008 Click to Register

Estrella Mountain Community College, Center for Teaching and Learning, North (CTL NORTH) 1:00 – 2:30 PM

We're doing the same presentation on our campus tomorrow from 9:30-11am in the TLC and next Thursday, Feb. 21st from 2-3:30pm in the TLC. I hope to see you there.


Below I created a slidecast from my presentation slides. If you prefer to learn online, have a look. You need speakers/headphones. It's the same presentation slimmed down to 15 minutes. Yes, all the good stuff is missing (demos), but you will still get the main idea. Let me know what you think. 



P.S. The video I reference in this presentation, RSS in Plain English, is very good. Don't skip it. Click the link in the presentation or click here to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU


Feb. 1, 2008: Listen to the podcast: http://alisacooper.com/podcasts/alisapodcast.mp3  


Lastly, you will need to put in a Helpdesk request to have iTunes installed on your computer. I tried for campus wide distribution, but was denied. :-( So it is only on a few computers in the commons and in the TLC. That's a start.


So let's get this podcasting party started!


The list of those people who have already responded are listed below. We will get your accounts set up as soon as Delbert and I can get the tech guys to do it. Hopefully that will be soon.


Remember, you are committing to learning how to use iTunes U and learning how to create a podcast so you can put at least two podcasts in your area/class. For now, we are only training on how to use audio, not video. I will send out an email next week with some training dates on our campus, and there will also be some online training videos to watch. Don't forget about the district wide 4 part podcasting series that I will be teaching that begins next month. Information: http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/learnshops/podcasting/index.php




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