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My Feed Readers

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This is a short list of possible feed readers you can use to subscribe to blogs with or without podcasts.


List of Feed Readers

Start Pages (All Free)

Web Based Feed Readers (All Free)

Desktop Feed Readers

Positives: Desktop feed readers generally offer a lot more features (including the popular River of News, Newspaper view, etc.) and customizability than a web-based feed reader.

Negatives: Desktop feed readers are on your desktop, meaning you won't be able to access them from any other computers (with the exception of the few that sync up with online feed readers.) This can prove to be frustrating for anyone that uses several different computers throughout the day. You will also want to backup your OPML file on a jump drive or external harddrive in case your computer crashes. It could take a long time to re-collect several hundred feeds.

These are the only eight feed readers that I would currently consider using for my desktop. Each one has a few unique features while some leave alot to be desired in other areas.

This index is part of a classified guide to RSS news feed readers, cross referenced by platform, type and features. Each profile in this section contains summary details of the feed reader, features, Web links and news feeds.

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