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Podcasts of Interests

  • A World of Possibilities: A World of Possibilities is an award-winning one hour weekly radio program that penetrates behind the headlines to uncover the deeper meanings of events. It offers in-depth analysis, informed commentary and an exploration of new approaches to our most challenging problems. Our aim is to open minds and inspire new possibilities. RSS Feed
  • Academic Feeds: Academic feeds broadcasts academic talks about technology, culture and media using podcasting and Free/Libre/Open Source Software. RSS Feed
  • bobCast: This podcast covers how technology is used as a teaching tool at Broward Community College in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We talk with the people who make technology happen at the college and explore how they use technology in their classrooms or how they support those that do. RSS Feed
  • Dr. Goodword's Daily Podcast: Dr. Goodword's Daily Podcast is a modern version of the familiar Word of the Day favorite. Each Good Word podcast provides an insightful vocabulary building word history for some of the best words in English. Dr. Goodword is the pseudonym for Dr. Robert Beard, emminent linguist and retired professor, whose expertise uncovers fascinating glimpses into our culture and our history. RSS Feed
  • E-Learning Queen Podcasts: Online learning theory and practice, leadership and the e-learning organization. Absolutely queenly! RSS Feed
  • EduPodder Podcast: This podcast focuses on technology and higher education. How education is, or is not, evolving to meet the needs of our changing world. The first podcast in higher education, founded October 2004. RSS Feed
  • The Naked Scientists - Physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use podcasts and other means to bring science to the masses. RSS feed




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