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Page history last edited by Alisa Cooper 11 years, 11 months ago

My Summer Project Video Experiment


After having done all the research about video, now it's time to play with video. I'm going to make a movie using several different cameras and several different video editing software packages. I will experiment with the different output options in the various packages, and I will upload my movie to several different online video sharing sites. Then I'll share what I like and disliked right here. So let's get started.


Video Cameras


The SVC PacketCam (pictured) is a cheap piece of crap camera, but for some reason I like it. What ever you do, don't buy it. That is if you can even find one. I couldn't even find a website about the dang thing.


Shooting Video

  • Panasonic HDC-SD5 - This is a full HD camcorder that shoots on SDHC cards. Those are just fancy Secure Digital cards. I have a 4GB and an 8GB card for this camera. It shoots in 1920x1080 HD in the AVCHD file format. The AVCHD file format is a nightmare right now. More on that later. But the video from this camera is beautiful on my 50" Plasma HD television. I love this camera.
  • So I shot some footage a few weeks ago while at Hawley Lake in the White Mountains, AZ. I'll use that footage for this experiment. Shot outdoors on a sunny day. I don't think I have many options for editing this footage on my PC unless I fork over the dough for one of the upgraded commercial packages I listed. Most of the trial packages don't provide support for AVCHD files. I'll start with my MacBookPro. Read more about this on my blog (Summer Project Video Experiment: HD Video on Mac (Part 1)).
  • Panasonic PV-GS300 - I love this camera too. It shoots on min DV tapes and is a 3 CCD camcorder with optical image stabilization (OIS). I'm going to use this camcorder to shoot video of me talking about all of these cameras. Indoor footage. I should be able to test this video with all the test editing packages. We'll see. Read more on the blog (coming soon).
  • Flip Mino - I just got this camera two days ago and already I love it. It's so small I can take it everywhere. It's even smaller than my digital camera and definitely lighter. The video quality is pretty good too. I blogged about this camera and my first experiences with it on my blog---> Playing with a Flip Mino Video Recorder.


Editing video

  • Editing video in Windows Movie Maker 
  • Editing video in



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