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Session 7: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Harness Collective Intelligence &

Build Community Among Students


Presented by Alisa Cooper (South Mountain Community College)

Novice/Presentation Session

The presentation addresses techniques for using Web 2.0 to harness collective intelligence and build community among students. Attendees will learn how Web2.0 sites like blogging, bookmarking, podcasting, wiki, and start page sites can be incorporated into the classroom to encourage better student interaction and sharing of course content and personal knowledge. We will first briefly define Web 2.0 as the 2nd generation of Internet based services that allow for better collaboration and sharing among people through collaboration tools and folksonomies, a labeling process called tagging. Then we will demonstrate how all these tools have been incorporated into a freshman composition course.


Live Blogging



Collectively we will take notes about what we've learned today while we are learning it. Add as much to the live blog as you want. Later you will be able to access the notes from everyone. How's that for collective intelligence.


Web 2.0 is Here

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Web 2.0 Everyday:



Chatrooms & IM







Blogs & Wikis




Mind Mapping




Click here to see more on Web 2.0 applications.



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