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Eduspace is a flexible, powerful, and customizable e-learning platform that provides instructors with text-specific online courses and content in multiple disciplines. Eduspace gives the instructor the ability to create part or all of a course online using the widely recognized tools of BlackboardTM and quality text-specific content of Houghton Mifflin (HMCo). Instructors can quickly and easily assign homework exercises, quizzes and tests, tutorials, and supplementary study materials and can modify that content or add their own. With Eduspace, instructors can do a lot, but they don't have to do much.


The three major features of Eduspace are:

1. POWERFUL Classroom Management System which allows instructors to manage part or all of their course online

2. INTERACTIVE Communication Tools which allows instructors and students to communicate in real-time

3. CUSTOMIZABLE Text-specific Courses and Content provided by HMCo that the instructor can assign as-is, modify, or add their own content to


Assignment Features:

  • Ability to upload lecture outlines, lessons, presentations, and more
  • Ability to assign the following question types: true/false, multiple-choice, multiple-answer (more than one answer correct), fill-in-the-blank, matching, ordering, and essay
  • Link to websites related to the course
  • Create tests (quizzes, homework, practice exercises, etc.) by using HMCo-provided questions, by creating new questions, or both
  • Enhance questions with rejoinders, graphics and other media, links to other websites, and math and science notation
  • Set options per test: time limit, amount of feedback student receives, whether students can skip questions, and number of times students may take tests
  • Create dynamic tests of randomly selected questions from question pools or other tests
  • Scramble the order of questions in a test
  • Create assignments that allow students to respond with uploaded files, such as term papers in Microsoft Word format, spreadsheets, graphics, etc.
  • Ability for instructor to hide questions within an HM exercise
  • Ability for instructor to modify points awarded in HM exercises
  • Ability for instructor to control access to hints/check answer in HM exercises
  • HM Content Library — ability for instructor to browse all Web Services exercises and activities related to the course and add multiple items at once to the course
  • Instructors can create their own exercise by using questions from existing exercises and/or creating their own non-algorithmic questions
  • Capture student time spent on select algorithmic exercises ("time on task")


Course Setup Features:


* Easily post course information and policies, such as course syllabus, office hours, grading policies, and staff information

* Enter information directly in Eduspace or uploade from a file such as Microsoft Word document or a link to another website


Gradebook features:


* View grades for an entire course or a specific student

* View detailed student work for an assignment

* Automatic grading of all tests taken by students with results automatically stored in gradebook

* Modify test grades, enter grades, including work not completed in Eduspace

* Give feedback to students when grading, additionally entering comments and file attachments

* Control which grades are published to students

* Get statistics per student or for an entire class on assignments

* Weighting options for calculating end-of-term grades

* Sorting and filtering options, including custom-defined categories

* Import from and export to spreadsheet applications and text files

* Students can view grades and the full content of all assignments they've completed in Eduspace — a portfolio of their work

* Gradebook only contains columns for work done by students (algorithmic Math courses and Zumdahl Chemistry courses only)


Communication and Collaboration Features:


* Announcements: Instructors can post class announcements online for easy viewing by students.

* Calendars and Task Lists: Instructor can add events to a class calendar to make students aware of rescheduled classes, etc. Students and instructors also have their own calendars and task list for personal items.

* Email: Instructors and students can easily email specific students, groups of students or all students within a course.

* Discussion Boards: Instructors can use discussion boards to allow online discussion by students on a variety of topics, such as peer review of papers, reactions to a reading, or followups to in-class discussions. Instructors can get statistics on the number of postings each student has made.

* Chat: The chat feature allows instructors to chat in real-time with one or more students; for example, conducting office hours online. Chats can be recorded and archived for later instructor or student review.

* Virtual Classroom: The Virtual Classroom allows the instructor to combine chat, group web browsing, group browsing of course material, and a whiteboard (includes mathematical symbol palette) to conduct real-time presentations, reviews, question-and answers-sessions, etc., with students. Instructors can split students in Virtual Classroom sessions into break-out discussions for smaller group work and record and archive a session for later instructor or student review.


Online Registration:


* Allows instructors to create courses and students to register electronically without waiting for assistance from customer support

* Links to current news stories and HMCo web resources for specific course areas

* Direct link from courses in Eduspace to online tutoring by SMARTHINKING

* Time-limited instructor course enrollment for sampling/piloting Eduspace courses (full and demo courses)

* Self-enrollment for TAs and additional instructors in existing courses

* Ability for instructors to enroll and get a copy of another instructor's customized course rather than the standard HM course (ex., for use in different sections of the same course)

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