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Introduction to Three Valuable Software Tools



Teaching in an online environment can be challenging trying to manage all the different technology tools. I use many software tools just to help me organize and manage my online teaching life. This workshop will focus on my 3 most valuable tools that help me do just that. I will demonstrate how to use Google Apps, including Gmail, to create forms, contact groups and calendars for classes to create a well managed teaching environment. A second tool that will be shared is Google Voice, a tool that allows for me to give students a phone number where they can both call and send text messages and allow for me to manage who, what, when, where, and how I receive those messages. The last tool this workshop will cover is audio podcasting tools for reminders and brief updates for classes (AudioBoo/iPadio).


Google Apps (10:15-10:40am):


Gmail  25GB storage, less spam, and a 99.9% uptime SLA, and enhanced email security.


Google Calendar Agenda management, scheduling, shared online calendars and mobile calendar sync.



Google Docs Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Work online without attachments.



Google Sites Secure, coding-free web pages for intranets and team managed sites.



Google Groups User-created groups providing mailing lists, easy content sharing, searchable archives.



Google Video Private, secure, hosted video sharing.



Maricopa Community Colleges signed a contract with Google to run Google Apps for all of our students in the district. In fact, anyone with a MEID has a Google apps account that include all, but Google Groups & Video listed above. You can still use Google Groups, but you have to use the regular Google accounts version.




  • Log in using your MEID and password. The same one you use for Blackboard and email in the district.
  • You can send a copy of your work email to your new Gmail account by setting it up using the PAT Tool 
  • A copy of all of your email to your.name@xxxmail.maricopa.edu will go to your Maricopa Gmail. You will need to empty your regular account out periodically (each semester) depending on your email volume. 


Tips to Help you Manage Your Teaching Environment Using Google Apps

  • Forms to collect data to manage students
  • Contact Groups in Gmail
  • Labels in Gmail
  • Auto Response/Canned Responses in Email
  • Calendars 

Let's Practice 

Google Voice (10:40-11:00am)



  • Use a Google Voice number with your students and you won't have to worry about students having your phone number. They can call and text you during the times you want to permit that, and when you don't, you have all the calls go straight to voicemail where you can read or listen to them later.
  • Google keeps a record of every call and text conversation you have with your students, and you can even record calls that you feel need to be recorded.


Tips to Help you Manage Your Teaching Environment Using Google Voice


  • One number: a single phone number that rings all your phones
  • Free SMS: send, receive & store text messages online
  • Block calls: send unwanted callers straight to voicemail
  • Record calls: record phone calls and store them online
  • Conference calls: join several people into a single call
  • Screen callers: hear who is calling before you pick up
  • Watch videos of these features in action ยป


Audio Podcasting Tools (11:00-11:30am)


  • AudioBoo is a mobile & web platform that effortlessly allows you to record and upload audio for your students or the rest of the world to hear.
  • ipadio allows you to broadcast from any phone to the Internet live.  Phone blog, collect audio data, record and update the world, or simply let your mates know what you're doing - ipadio is integrated with Social Media & Blogging platforms.
  • PodOmatic specializes in the creation of sophisticated tools and services that enable anyone to easily find, create, distribute, promote and listen to both audio and video podcasts. You need pretty much nothing but a computer and a microphone to record and post a podcast with this service.Tutorial: How to Create a Podcast with PodOmatic.
  • Blackboard Podcasts facilitate learning-on-the-go and can be used to disseminate language lessons, recorded lectures, and video and audio supplemental course material. Podcast episodes can be posted by both instructors and students, and threaded commenting allows participants to discuss the works within the same podcast site.


Intro to Audioboo from Mark Rock on Vimeo.



Tips to Help you Manage Your Teaching Environment Using Audio Podcasting Tools


  • Mobile posting from your cell phone or iPod Touch
  • Quick updates for students or reminders for you 
  • Quick check-ins for students - Gabcast 


Let's Practice 



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