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Organizing Your Digital Self

Alisa Cooper, Faculty, Glendale Community College

Track: Communication and Collaboration Communication and Collaboration
Audience: Novice

Technology is everywhere and often it can be overwhelming trying to manage all the different channels people and students use to communicate with you. This session will teach you how to organize your digital self and keep you from going into digital overload. I borrowed this idea from Maria H. Andersen from Muskegon Community College, who did a presentation that I attended a few years ago. You can find her resources on her website: http://busynessgirl.com


Participants will learn tips for organizing email, phone messages, files, information, data and even your time, all using free or mostly free applications on the web, your computer or mobile device.


Attendees will leave this seminar with: 
Way too much information to absorb in 50 minutes, but hey, if they remember one tip I shared with them, they'll be that much closer to organizing their digital selves. Here are a few tips to help you manage your digital self better.

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