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Manage Your Digital Self - Gmail


  •  Develop a System - Inbox Zero is a thing that was cooked up by Merlin Mann, the cre­ator of 43fold​ers​.com. Design specific times of the day to check your emails and voicemails. Check 3-5 times per day versus 40 times throughout your day. You will get more emails read and/or responded to in a 20 minute time period versus doing them one at a time throughout the day.

  • Filter your messages
    • Filter DL lists into folders (called labels) for later reading
    • Create labels for important groups/subjects  
  • Use the built-in tools and keyboard shortcuts
    • Set up Canned Responses with Auto-responder Gmail - freshmancomp.com
    • Use Canned Responses to create email templates for email responses you send often.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts - Shortcut List
  • Delegate, Defer, or Do, BUT don't forget to follow up. Set up reminders with Followup.cc


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