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Active Engagement with Socrative


Socrative: Student Response System


Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. FREE






Getting Started with Socrative

  • Download the Socrative app on your cellphone or tablet. For this demonstration download Socrative Student

Get it on Google Play    

  • Navigate in any browser to: http://b.socrative.com/login/student/ 
  • Enter the room number in the box: 3253259
  • Click the Join Room 
  • Enter you name when prompted
  • Follow the prompts on the screen 






Active Engagement Strategies


What is Active Engagement?

"Active engagement refers to the joint functioning of motivation, conceptual knowledge, cognitive strategies, and social interactions in literacy activities" (Guthrie & Anderson, 1999).


"Active learning involves providing opportunities for students to meaningfully talk and listen, write, read, and reflect on the content, ideas, issues and concerns of an academic subject" (Meyers & Jones, 1993).


Active Engagement and Motivation

Factors affecting the development of intrinsic motivation in a school setting:

  • Level of challenge offered by tasks and materials

  • Quality and timing of feedback to students about their work

  • Supports and scaffolds available to learners

  • Students’ interest in tasks and content

  • Nature of the learning context


Intrinsically motivated students tend to persist longer, work harder, actively apply strategies, and retain key information more consistently. 

Guthrie, McGough, et al., 1996; Guthrie & Van Meter, et al., 1996


Active Engagement and Cognitive Strategies 


Engaged readers use cognitive strategies for integrating information, and communicating and representing their understanding. Cognitive strategies are procedures that can help students succeed at higher-order tasks.  Some strategies are: 

  •  Activating prior knowledge before, during, and after reading
  •  Self-questioning
  •  Monitoring comprehension
  •  Summarizing 

Baker, Dreher, & Guthrie, 2000


How Socrative Works

Live results from student quizzing or polling

Instant feedback for students on the device or web browser

The beloved Exit Ticket

Ask students what they learned before they leave class. There are three slides that appear after you deploy the Exit Ticket. The last is a free question: Answer your teacher's question.


Pull reports of student activity

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